Brittany Kellum Photo by  Robert Christopher  Interview by: Tamu Curtis

Brittany Kellum
Photo by Robert Christopher
Interview by: Tamu Curtis

Brittany is a relatively new face on the Charlotte cocktail scene but who's quickly gaining a solid education in the industry and destined to enhance the cocktail offerings in the city.

TC:  Where are you from?

BK:  Jacksonville, NC. I’ve been in Charlotte for 13 years.

TC:   How long have you been bartending?

BK:  I bartended a little at Dressler’s Metropolitan, but Dogwood is my first official bartending job, so 1 year and some change. 

TC:  How did you choose bartending as a job?

BK: To be honest, I didn't, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the opening team at Dogwood and the creation of a fantastic bar program. One that is ever changing, evolving, and always keeping me on my toes. I love it. 

TC: With that being said what is the best part about working at Dogwood Southern Table?

BK:  Innovation.  Dogwood is constantly testing/encouraging our team and Charlotte's food/beverage knowledge as a whole. Every day I am learning something new and being pushed to be better. I love the challenge and being surrounded by people who push the boundaries. 

TC:  When you're entertaining  friends at home how crafty do you get with your cocktails?

BK:  Currently, I'm on a bourbon kick so you can expect to get some fun  Bourbon cocktail variation with what ever I can find in my apartment. 

TC:  Do you have any tips to offer the at-home bartender to help them impress their guests with simple but sophisticated cocktails?

BK:  Sometimes simplicity is best. You would be surprised by how many ingredients are in your kitchen that can be incorporated into cocktails. It's all about having fun and experimenting, which is  a tipthat I’ve taken home from my time at Dogwood. 

TC: Finally what we all want to know is what song are you grooving to when you’re killing it behind the bar?

BK: No Diggity - Blackstreet. Best song ever. (I'm a 90's baby)

Well alright then... Shawty we like the way you work it... No Diggity!!