Colleen Hughes, Bartender and Cocktail Designer at Sea Level Charlotte, The Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub and Growlers in Charlotte, NC shows us how to make the Over Under which is currently on the cocktail menu at The Crepe Cellar Kitchen and Pub in Charlotte, NC.  

This cocktail calls for one of Colleen's current favorite ingredients, Underberg Bitters, a German bitter digestif.  Underberg, was first introduced in Germany by Hubert Underberg in 1846, and is filled with mysterious herbs to aid digestion and refresh your spirit after a heavy meal.  The exact number and identity of those herbs are still heavily guarded by the Underberg family 165 years after its creation.

The flavor can be described as intensely herbaceous, a bit licoricey with the fire of an alcohol fit to be called a digestive aid.  It is fire water. But lovely fire water that we suggest you seek out whenever you can.


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