I love a good Old Fashioned and this is the time of the year to enjoy this classic cocktail. Bar Manager, Brian Larusso (@BarkeepBrian) from Dogwood Southern Table makes one of the best in town. Always using the freshest of ingredients when making cocktails, Brian will serve it to you in a traditional way or vamp it up with a creative twist of his own.

 photo courtesy of  @DogwooodSoutherntable

photo courtesy of @DogwooodSoutherntable

One thing I have fallen in love with when it comes to his Old Fashioned are those delicious liquor soaked cherries.  These are certainly not your run of the mill, sorry little red maraschino cherries. The first time I tried one of these boozy cherries I thought I had died and gone to a cherry filled heaven. The flavor is complex and the texture is perfectly chewy.  The more I ate them the more I realized there was a lot more to these sophisticated little garnishes than I originally thought.  During one of my many visits to the bar at Dogwood I finally had to tear my lips away from a cocktail and ask Brian what's the deal with the cherries and why were they so damn good?  

He explained that they don't come prepackaged in syrup, they are dry packed, "Ahhh," I say, "that accounts for the texture."  As for the flavor, he soaks them in housemade vanilla vodka along with amaretto, and brandy.  

Sounds simple enough right? Well, except for that whole "housemade vanilla vodka" part, I guess until that mystery is unlocked you'll find me at the Dogwood Southern Table bar  sipping an Old Fashioned with a cherry on the top.